Delivery Info   
Can't get out or don't have time to cook?
Let us deliver to you!
Call us at 254-778-4434 or order online for delivery!
Limited Area. Delivery charge may apply. 
Delivery Area and Delivery Charge Information
Limited Area for all delivery locations. Order minimums are before tax and delivery charge.
$15 minimum subtotal 
Temple                                    $3.00 Delivery Charge
Morgans Point                       $4.00 Delivery Charge

 $25 minimum subtotal
Belton/Moffat/Troy             $5.00 Delivery Charge

Ordering Delivery with Credit or Debit Card
Customers will be asked to display credit card at time of delivery. Delivery driver will imprint only the last 4 numbers of the credit card to verify the card was physically there at the delivery site. Delivery Drivers only carry $20.00 change. Please let us know if you will be paying with larger bills to ensure proper change can be made.
Dynasty is closed on New Years, Chinese New Years, Independence Day, and Christmas.